These conditions are found in clause 1466 of the Commercial and Civil Code of Thailand. In accordance with Thailand`s marriage laws, the marriage contract mainly refers to the assets and financial implications of the marriage and defines the conditions for the ownership and management of personal and concrete common property and a possible division of matrimonial property when the marriage is dissolved. The marriage contract also includes a list of each party`s personal property at the time of the marriage and ensures that debts and assets remain in the possession of the original owner or debtor before the marriage. Personal property includes: Some federal laws apply to terms that may be included in a prenutial agreement. The Pension Equity Act (RSP) of 1984, which was proclaimed on the 23rd. Signed by President Ronald Reagan in August 1984, it caused confusion about whether ERISA pre-encapsulated the state`s divorce laws, preventing pension plans from complying with court orders that gave the spouse a portion of the employee`s pension in a divorce decree. [48] A prenutial agreement may contain waivers where each spouse agrees to release all claims against the other`s pension that arise from the marriage under state and federal laws, such as the REA. In 2015, the U.S. Supreme Court granted same-sex marriages the same legal basis as marriage between couples of both sexes, in the case of Obergefell v Hodges (ruled June 26, 2015). This effect of the Supreme Court`s decision is that a prenutial agreement entered into by a same-sex couple in one state is fully enforceable in the event of divorce in another state. [47] In some countries, including the United States, Belgium and the Netherlands, the marriage contract provides not only for what happens in the event of divorce, but also for the protection of part of the property during the marriage, for example in the event of bankruptcy. Many countries, including Canada, France, Italy and Germany, have matrimonial arrangements, in addition to or, in some cases, instead of marriage contracts.

Whatever the reason you want to get a prenup, you and your spouse should make sure that there is a lot of thought and reflection about it and that it is not signed at the last minute. According to Johannes, presenting a prenup just before marriage makes it appear a “condition” of marriage and encourages partners to sign it, no matter what he says. More and more millennials are signing prenups – should you too? A basic understanding of your state`s marriage laws is important, says Shaolaine Loving, a Lawyer in Las Vegas. “You sign a legally binding document that could change your rights and obligations during and after marriage,” she says. For example, community states treat property and liabilities as spouses during a marriage, so couples want an agreement that designates the assets and liabilities of each party as separate during marriage. “Prenaps can also affect how property is characterized or sold in the event of the death of a spouse, so it`s not just about your rights, but also about the rights of your heirs,” she adds. .