Bassanio is looking for Shylock, a Jewish money lender, for a loan of three thousand ducats based on Antonio`s loan. Shylock hesitates to lend the money to Bassanio. He knows that Antonio is a rich man, but he also knows that Antonio`s money is invested in his merchant fleet. Currently, Antonio`s ships were operating in remote locations and are therefore vulnerable to many hazards at sea. But he eventually said, “I think I can make his commitment.” He refused, however, Bassanio`s invitation to dinner; he will do business with Christians, but it is contrary to his principles to eat with them. At the most basic level, a contract is a voluntary agreement between two parties to do something. English law considers that if a person objectively demonstrates his consent to a good deal, he is bound. The Latin expression shows “caveat emptor” (the buyer should be wary) a key principle of English contract law: the court will not look favourably at bad cases and as long as the contract is clear (and freely concluded), the court will try to enforce it. Smith v Hughes is a good example of this traditional objective view of the parties` intentions to dispose of the contract [2]. This pro-trade vision of english courts is one of the reasons that supported the growth of the United Kingdom as an industrial power in the 18th and 19th centuries, and the reason today is that the City of London is a global financial capital. Similarly, Hong Kong`s disproportionate economic success is due, in many ways, to the adoption of English contract law.

When Antonio suddenly appears, Shylock expresses (incidentally) contempt for him and says that he hates Antonio because he is a Christian, but more importantly, he hates Antonio because Antonio lends money to people without asking for interest; In addition, Antonio Shylock publicly condemns the fact that he charges excessive interest in his money loan. Finally, Shylock agreed to borrow the three thousand ducats from Bassanio. Antonio then says that, as a general rule, he never borrows or lends money by taking or giving interest. But due to the urgency of his friend Bassanio, Antonio is ready to break this rule. The term of the loan will be three months and Antonio will give his loan as collateral. One of Shylock`s servants, Launcelot, wants to change masters and convinces Bassanio to occupy him. Shylock`s daughter, Jessica, also wants to leave the house. She wants to be a Christian and marry Antonio`s friend Lorenzo. Before he returns his new master, Launcelot takes a letter to Lorenzo that contains plans for Lorenzo and Jessica to disintend that night. When Shylock goes out, Jessica runs away and takes away gold and jewelry.

The next day, Bassanio sails to Belmont, while Shylock derails the loss of her daughter and the treasures she has stolen. 4 Why is Antonio so quick to question Shylock`s motives? In this scene, Bassanio and Antonio Shylock ask for a loan so that Bassanio has enough money to go to Belmont and woo Portia.