A Data Use Agreement (ACA) is a contractual document used for the transfer of data developed by non-profit, public or private companies when the data is not public or subject to other usage restrictions. Often, this data is a necessary component of a research project and can be data from human subjects from a clinical trial or data set limited to the meaning of HIPAA. Universities will want to ensure that the terms of the AAU protect confidentiality if necessary, but allow for adequate publication and sharing of research results, in accordance with academic guidelines, applicable laws and regulations, and federal requirements. Confidentiality agreements are similar in that they limit the use and disclosure of the data set and, in some cases, a CDA format can serve as a starting point for creating an ASA suitable for data transmission. DUAs are often used when a researcher wishes to access limited archives or data sets that may contain identifiable information about individuals for the purpose of carrying out such projects. The IRB should be contacted when the use of archived protected health data falls within the definition of “research” in the IRB. Investigations directly related to personal identifier data may be permitted to use and/or disclose PPIs (for individual access rights to the PHI) or to discontinue hipa authorization (for large sample requests for which individual authorizations are not practical and where the requirement is in accordance with the specifications of the data protection policy). Application forms should look at the safeguards provided to protect the identity of individuals and assess the security of procedures for protecting these identities. No, information about “limited data sets” is not covered by THE HIPAA accounting of advertising obligations. DHHS considered that the privacy protection of individuals with respect to PHIs, which are disclosed in a “limited data set,” can be properly protected by a single AAU. 3. Send a request to the contract services email address contracting@email.arizona.edu if a data usage agreement is required. The following page contains useful information about people who deal with different types of DUAs and other internal agreements at Stanford: ico.sites.stanford.edu/who-will-handle-my-agreement The Office of Corporate Contracts also recommends an AEA for studies with unidentified data, as there are still risks that we should address as much as possible.

If the data is outside these problematic domains, the data can be transferred without the formal need for a data usage agreement. However, if the IP wishes to use a data usage agreement, we can use a number of safeguards. This means that all of the following direct identifiers, which involve the individual or their parents, employers or household members, must be removed so that a data set can be considered a limited set of data: The process of creating, verifying and negotiating data usage agreements varies according to data, data source, expected use and compliance with rutger rules.