According to the form of the Mississippi Real Estate Commission. The alternating agency is quite problematic. As a real estate agent working for my client, my only obligation is to act at all times in the best interests of my client, excluding all interests, including my own. You can`t do that if they`re working on either side of the transaction. See my latest article describing an agent`s fiduciary responsibility to his client – Frances Britten, CRS, at HomeQuest REALTORS® LLC in Kailua, Hawaii, who has been a double agent several times, says that disclosure and trust help him avoid situations like Stark. What a dual agency does with a single broker is create a conflict between a real estate agent and a seller/buyer where the goal is to close the deal – NOT to do what is best for either party. Second, and more importantly, the agent of the dual agency of a single agent is not in a position to give advice to either party. Ann, this is something very important that buyers and sellers need to understand at the same time. Your best option is a single agency, but if a consumer is certain that they can make informed decisions on their own with the information you provide, a limited dual agency can be a good option. Here in NJ, many, if not the most, experienced investors and buyers only want to work with the listing agency, hence the agency alternating all the time. What for? The listing agent knows all the details of the property better, the agreement is faster and easier to make. And in the case of several offers, the buyer of the Listing Agent has another advantage. You can`t say in a general way that “dual agency” is not in your best interest if the most competent and frequent buyers only want to work this way.

It`s to their advantage!! (1) AGENCY CONTRACT.  A written agreement between a broker and a client that establishes a fiduciary relationship between the broker and a client commonly referred to as a client. The problem is that your thinking is ridiculous. An agent from an exclusive buyer agency is no better equipped to represent a client than someone within the same company than the listing agent. After reading Active Rain`s resource, it`s clear that many agents have no idea what they can do and what they can`t do when it comes to dual agency. If the sellers and buyers agree, the broker in charge of a real estate agency may appoint agents representing the seller and the buyer, to the exclusion of all other agents related to his office. The buyer becomes the client of the agent who must represent him and the seller becomes the client of the agent who must represent him. The designated agency allows two licensees of the same company to represent different parties to a real estate transaction. By Kentucky Agency Disclosure Statement.

For every CRS like Britten and Ripperger, who see no problem with dual agency, there`s another who shares Stark`s view that he misinforms the industry.