There are no free assistants or assistants on their own visas. If you hire a full-time maid, they must be sponsored. However, there is an exception to this rule: an agency that is authorized to provide full-time, live in-person licenses can be used. In this case, the agency is the sponsor and the employer should confirm with the Economic Development Department that the Agency is duly authorized to provide this service. Under the National Labour Act, domestic workers are entitled: in addition to the bans, there are additional rules that you must comply with if you are a domestic worker in the United Arab Emirates. The UAE`s National Labour Act establishes the principle of informed consent and ensures that workers are aware of contractual conditions, the nature of work, the workplace, pay and daily and weekly rest time set by the executive provisions and before they cross their national borders. Many families employ housekeepers – a maid, a nanny or a driver – because of the convenience and generally low costs. Hiring a housekeeper involves some responsibility, since the employer, as a promoter, is legally responsible for its actions. The employment of domestic workers now requires the employment contract 2. Direct sponsorship after 6 months – in this package, the working family has the option to temporarily hire the worker for 6 months, after which they may decide to continue the employment on the basis of the agreement reached between the two parties as part of a direct sponsorship. The executive order of Federal Domestic Workers Act 10 2017 provides that persons residing abroad can hire a budget officer only temporarily and are not covered by its sponsorship provisions, set by the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratiization. The following categories that are excluded from the above regulation: For those who intend to work as domestic workers in the United Arab Emirates, it is important that you be aware of your rights as a worker. The country`s work system has specific provisions for foreign workers seeking opportunities in the United Arab Emirates.

This labour code is revealed to the public so that workers know what they can count on if something happens to them. B as disputes over their contracts, wages and volume of work. Since April 1, 2007, a new single contract (called the employment contract for domestic workers and sponsors) has been put in place to regulate the rights and obligations of domestic workers. The contract is valid for a period of one year with the possibility of renewal and rule for holidays, airfares, medical care and procedures, in case of violation. See media update, media update. For the following occupations, the Home Help Act (PDF) applies: a migrant worker`s recommendation on the minimum wage depends on nationality. The rules are taken by the consulate or the assistant`s embassy in the United Arab Emirates. There is no maximum salary cap.

If you are unsure of rules and regulations, prohibitions and the hiring process, it is best to consult someone who can guide you. The UAE government website, which explains the facts about national law, will also help you know your expat trip. Before you complete a step in the process, make sure you have a background of what you`re doing. As an expat, you need to be vigilant and pay attention to the laws. Once the interviews are completed and an appropriate mover has been found, the following steps must be taken to process the residence visa and work permit.