2. General conditions and procedures for calculating and paying bonuses Payment of lump sum cash bonuses for professional holidays, public holidays (defenders of The Feast of the Father, Women`s Day, New Year`s Day), birthdays and anniversaries of the organization, dates of birth of employees on the occasion of the anniversary and related to their retirement. Then you have to specify the types of premiums. The section should contain bonus indicators for employees. Their quality can be: a regulatory model on employee compensation for bonuses and labour deprivation must be set: our employee bonus policy explains how our company distributes bonuses to employees. We want to reward employees as much as possible, because we all contribute to the success of our company through our hard work. This directive specifies how we select, which employees will be rewarded and how we calculate bonus amounts. 3.1. This regulation applies to all workers who have an indeterminate employment contract with the company. These employees are entitled to the imputation and bonus payment: 3.2. Bonus payments are not made to employees who have violated internal labour rules, safety rules, other local regulatory acts of the company in the corresponding calendar year, nor have they otherwise fulfilled their work obligations in the calendar year indicated. Nevertheless, FIRM has the right, at its sole discretion, to pay these workers bonuses in the manner and conditions provided by these regulations.

12. The payment of bonuses is made during the month following the reference month, at the same time as the payment of salaries for that month (reporting). The indicators written in the document are used as the basis for calculating monetary incentives. They need to be clearly explained. A double interpretation can be controversial. Wave definitions are not recommended. The definitions do not show when a staff member should receive a promotion. Two interpretations will cause discontent.

Workers who are abandoned without inducement can apply to the employer. The staff bonus system works inefficiently. The section contains information on the issuance of scheduled incentives by appointment. 5. For reasonable bonuses for workers, the leaders of working groups must ensure systematic accounting and documentary reflection of the bonuses used. 5.3. To pay such a price to an employee of the company, a written recommendation is required from the head of the structural unit in which the worker works. Calculating the amount of bonuses in cases where a worker changes positions in a company during a quarter and dismisses an employee, the worker changes positions several times during the quarter and in other cases that are not settled directly by this regulation, at the discretion of the company. With regard to the design of the Computing Method section, the person in charge of the procedure should write about the circle of people who might expect a bonus. The full name of the units submitted to the provision is required.

The document should indicate the types of work for which transportation is justified. The decision-making mechanism on the granting of incentives is also indicated. 2.1. The imputation and payment of any form of bonuses to company employees is subject to one or more of the following conditions: successful results of the company`s work, its structural and separate divisions. To assess the success of firm and its divisions, the economic activity planning system is used (plans are developed, plan indicators are defined); Successful and conscientious completion of the tasks entrusted to them by staff; initiative, creative approach and application of modern forms and methods of organizing work in the workplace. We pay bonuses under this staggered system: 5.1.