Always confirm the address with the sender before the packages are transferred, and if so, be sure to follow your packages to make sure they arrive safely. This is the best way to prevent this problem from happening again. Choose your address in a few simple steps online or visit your local post-™ location. If I get an email from the customer asking “Where`s my thing” OR an A-Z claim, am I covered? (Yes, yes to my metrics, possible negative feedback, etc.). I know Amazon says you`re only responsible for putting it in the hands of the original address, but “Transmitted to a new address” proves that it was in Amazon`s eyes? I`ve never seen this scan on follow-up. Second, if the item is forwarded and delivered to the buyer`s new address, this is considered to be provided by Amazon for the purpose of calculating late deliveries, etc. And in this case, it is considered a late delivery (if delivered), because Amazon does not consider the initial delivery test (punctual) as a delivery date. Or you can go directly to the post office and follow the package yourself. If the package to a friend/family member who has moved and asked for a new address, then check with them for your email. At the beginning of the month, I sent a book. The tracking never says delivered, but it says “transmitted to a new address” and then received a whole series of “sort facility scans” throughout the country, basically. Sign up for free or sign up for, have your address authenticated (if you haven`t alwise) and activate the email redirect service for the period of your choice (minimum 7 days).

Then either they will try to find your correct address, if possible, and pass the package on to you. If this is not possible, the package is returned to the sender. You can use a COMMERCIAL Mail Receiving Agency (CMRA) for better email processing. They offer virtual messaging services that facilitate the transmission of e-mail. Have your email sent to you or another address using a virtual mailbox. No need to go to the post office or ask for a change of address. In the second case, the sender sends your package to the wrong address. In both cases, you do not receive your package. Fortunately, there is more than one way to do this. First, you should contact the sender and check with them the full address and confirm that they have the right address. Your package has been sent to the wrong address and you are worried about how to get your package? Don`t panic! The first question that comes to mind in this case is what I am doing now? Learn how to handle emails for successful loved ones. They can redirect their emails to another address and remove them from advertising lists.

When you move, you send a permanent change request so that your USPS® email is correctly redirected to your new address. Prepare in advance. Although e-mail transmission can begin within 3 business days of the application filed, it is best to allow up to 2 weeks. The mail is gradually sent to your new address. Another reason for this event would be the departure of a friend or family member by requesting a change of address. Messaging services such as redirection, shredding – recycling or archiving are available. In addition to your private address, you will receive another address! Learn more about how long a series of address changes are, how to extend your application, and how the restrictions apply.