In public spaces, a mineral surface lease is required to obtain permission to occupy the site and undertake mining activities. This is in addition to an ammonite-shell agreement. We will consider a commercial user`s request to use another person`s princess as part of an energy resource activity if they are unable to enter into a usage agreement with the licensee. We have this jurisdiction under Section 98 of the Public Lands Administration Regulation and the Regulations of Specified Enactments (Jurisdiction). This report contains detailed information on the restriction requested. Restrictions apply to areas of the province of Alberta that have access to the surface or have geological problems during mineral resource development. E3 Metals is developing its 6.7 million tonne lithium-carbonate1 mineral resource in southern Alberta, as well as developing its Lithium Direct Extraction (DLE) technology with its strategic development partner, Livent Corporation. Land ownership can be divided into two categories: a land rights holder and a mineralized rights holder. A mineral rights owner owns all the minerals granted by the mineral title on and under the property of the object and has the right to explore and recover these minerals, provided they do so in a manner that does not significantly affect the rights of the surface owner. For royalties and other details, see Minerals Royalty Information. This report is used to search for the description of the soil (the agreement number is not required, and this report is displayed if selected; Agreements, units, wells, restrictions, crown mineral property, fields, projects, DRRZD/ZDs, well distances and units. The law and regulations also govern the registration of security interests against Crown Mineral-Leasing. The law provides that a security notice concerning a security interest may be submitted to the Munster for registration, with certain restrictions (for example.B.

security interests acquired before 16 December 1981 by a person other than a bank cannot be registered).