(iii) to sign or obtain the current justifications and authorizations, as well as all findings and findings, and to meet other requirements covered in point 1.602-1 (b), as if the contract were a contract entered into independently of a basic order agreement. (ii) If the order is placed after the competition, ensure that the use of the basic order agreement is not detrimental to other bidders; this agreement may be used to expedite the conclusion of the contract for dangerous deliveries or services when certain goods, quantities and prices are not known at the time of the contract`s implementation, but a significant number of requirements are likely to be purchased by the contractor. (i) to place orders under basic order contracts on The Optional Form (OF) 347, on ordering supplies or services, or on any other appropriate contractual instrument; Ham Produce and Seafood Inc., Honolulu, Hawaii, received a $9,900,000 (P000003) amendment to ask SPE302-20-D-P004 to terminate a stop-work contract. This is a fixed price with economic adjustment, indefinite delivery/indefinite quantity contract for fresh fruits and vegetables. Venue of the performance is Hawaii, with a September 29, 2023, order deadline. The use of the client is defense department. The type of funding is appropriations for the years 2020 to 2023. The contract activity is troop Defense Logistics Agency Indo-Pacific, Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam, Honolulu, Hawaii. (Excellent September 3, 2020).

Keywords Air Force Life Cycle Management Center Basic Command Accord Defense DOD Govcon IndraSoft Levelup platform a Raj Lingam U.S. Air Force USAF SRCTec LLC, Syracuse, New York, has been awarded a $93,000,000 contract with a fixed price, a more fixed cost, unlimited delivery/unlimited quantity for the replacement and repair equipment components of the AN/TPQ-50 Counterfire Target Acquisition Radar System. It was a competitive acquisition with an answer. This is a five-year contract with a five-year period. The venue for the performance is New York, with a September 23, 2025, order deadline. Military service is an army. The type of funding is the army`s work funds from 2020 to 2025. The contract activity is the Defense Logistics Agency Land and Maritime, Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland (SPRBL1-20-D-0056). Amazon Web Services Inc., Seattle, Washington (FA8612-20-D-0065); Anduril Industries Inc., Irvine, California (FA8612-20-D-0066); Colorado Engineering Inc., Colorado Springs, Colorado (FA8612-20-D-0067); Edgy Bees Inc., Palo Alto, California (FA8612-20-D-0068); Environmental Systems Research Institute Inc., Redlands, California (FA8612-20-D-0069); Global C2 Integration Technologies LLC, Las Vegas, Nevada (FA8612-20-D-0070); General Atomics Aeronautical Systems Inc., Poway, California (FA8612-20-D-0054); Grey Wolf Aerospace LLC, Delaware, Ohio (FA8612-20-D-0071); Kratos Technology and Training Solutions Inc., San Diego, California (FA8612-20-D-0055); LinQuest Corp., Los Angeles, California (FA8612-20-D-0056); Oddball Inc., Washington, D.C (FA8612-20-D-0058); Red River Technology LLC, Claremont, New Hampshire (FA8612-20-D-0073); SES Government Solutions Inc., Reston, Virginia (FA8612-20-D-0074); Venator Solutions LLC, San Diego, California (FA8612-20-D-0063); and VivSoft Technologies LLC, Brambleton, Virginia (FA8612-20-D-0075) received a cap of $950,000,000 in unlimited delivery/unlimited quantities contracts to compete for future maturation efforts, demonstrating and disseminating skills in platforms and domains, using open system design, development of modern software and algorithms to enable All Command and Control.